Welcome to the home of Kaiser Church Serpents

Last updated 3/13/2016

This website catalogs my ongoing journey into serpent making.  I hope for those interested in purchasing my instruments, it will show the care I have taken to get it right.  For those interested in making their own instruments I hope it will inspire, instruct, and allow you to bypass some of the many pitfalls I have come up against.  I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Above: One of my creations, commissioned by a museum.  The trim is American Holly which is a little soft for an instrument that is going to be played constantly but perfect for this piece which is meant to show off the serpent form.



Above: One of the many three-dimensional drawings I have made of the serpent shape.

Above: Proposed traditional shape of my new wooden serpent.


Below is a link to the owner's manual that I will send with the serpents I sell.  It is an evolving work, just a few pages at the moment, but I hope to include an instruction section with etudes and exercises in the near future.  Please feel free to download it.

The Kaiser Serpent Owner's Manual