Prototype VI (FOR SALE). Completed 6/2007

Serpent VI is nearly identical to serpent V so please read the description for Serpent 5  for more information.  On this instrument the finger rings are made from walnut and the mouthpiece is made from African Blackwood.  African Blackwood, which is also known by the name of Grenadilla, is the primary wood used for top of the line clarinet construction.  This wood is naturally resistant to saliva so it is the perfect choice for serpent mouthpieces.  I like the walnut trim as well because it is more subdued yet the grain is still quite nice to look at.  You will notice some surface irregularities in this instrument, particularly on the undersides of the tubes.  While these ripples are there, the flash photography really makes them stand out.  In natural light, the serpent has a much smoother appearance.  I was asked recently about the slender appearance of my serpents and if they were smaller in bore than historic instruments.  The simple answer to this question is no.  The bore of my instruments is historically accurate.  Because the radius of the final curve is larger and my instruments are thinner and not covered by leather they just tend to look skinny.