The Prototype II (SOLD)

Above: the front view of the second prototype.  There are a few drips and sags in the epoxy, but this instrument is a lot smoother than the first.

Above: The back view.

Above: A photo with the bocal removed and a better angle on the finger holes.

Above: A few drips got into the bell section while the top coat of epoxy was drying.  The epoxy is  very tough and in this case it is in a hard place to work.  Rather than risk damaging the instrument trying to sand out the drips I chose to leave them in.  In the future I will mask off the bell when I am top coating with resin.  The bell could be painted black and the drips would not be nearly as noticeable. If the future owner wants, I can do this before I ship the serpent out.

Above: addition view of all the pieces. 

Above: The mouthpiece is made from a block of spalted maple, though this particular piece doesn't have much spalting.  Still, it is a really nice piece of wood.

Above: Another view of the mouthpiece and the threaded end of the bocal.  The dark sections on the thread are superglue, which hold the single layer onto the bocal.

Above: A good look at the receiver and the mouthpiece end of the bocal.  The bocal will except standard tenor shank trombone mouthpieces.  This gives the owner a wide range of mouthpieces to choose from.