Kaiser Serpent Pricing

~ 03/13/2016 ~

There are several sources for expensive wooden church serpents. Hopefully we will have a wooden instrument soon ourselves.  They are all fine instruments but represent a large investment for an instrument that for 95% of musicians will be an amusing novelty.  Our niche, if you can imagine the worldwide demand for serpents large enough to have niches, is providing a quality instrument at a price that allows more people to take the serpent plunge.  From piccolos to tubas, every other wind instrument has an affordable entry level.  Now, because of our efforts, serpents do as well.

While we are committed to keeping the price of our serpents low, we have to cover our material costs and get a big enough return on our labor to keep our spirits up.  Because of escalating shipping and material costs we expect that our prices will have to be continually updated.  Our serpents are made from high quality epoxy resin, fiberglass cloth, rare non-renewable species of wood, and brass.  It is doubtful that any of these materials is ever going to become less expensive.

Our current price for a Church Serpents is $850.00. This price includes your choice of a wooden or resin (Delrin) mouthpiece.

Often I am able to provide choices for wooden trim and mouthpieces depending on my stock.  I can also provide some customization of finger hole placement.  This can make the holes easier to reach depending on whether you plan to play with your left hand over or under the instrument.

Shipping and handling are not included!   We pass the exact cost of shipping on to you.  Typically this runs about $60 to $80 for the continental US and includes $20 for the cost of material to build a wooden shipping crate to prevent damage.  We are located in Winston-Salem, NC and if you are close by, you are welcome to drop in and pick up your instrument.  We use UPS for domestic orders and US Mail for international orders. 

Simple wooden cases lined with foam (see picture below), are $110.00.  These increase shipping weight about 10 lbs, but then you don't have to buy a $20 crate.  Because some countries more tightly control the size of packages that can be shipped via Priority Mail International, we may not be able to ship you a serpent in a formal case.  In those cases, your serpent will ship in a box just large enough to hold and protect it.

We do not take deposits!

We don't want the pressure of having your money in our pockets while we are working on your instrument. If you are truly interested in purchasing, contact us and we will discuss making your serpent.  When it is complete we will send you pictures of your instrument and you can pay us then.


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